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Finalist presentation on behalf of Goleta Old Town Community Association to judges for National Program of the Year Neighborhood USA competition.

On December 4th new broke of a fire in Ventura County about 40 miles away. Our board was confident that our first responders would extinguish the fire in the next 6 days, plenty of time before our parade. But as the days crept closer - - December 5th, 6th, so did the fire. The Thomas Fire rapidly grew from the 5th largest fire to the 3rd.
By December 7th, every Christmas and holiday event in South Santa Barbara County had been cancelled. Schools closed. Businesses in Santa Barbara proper closed their doors. It looked like a mini version of 9/11. Ash was everywhere. It hung in the air. The ground was a layer of white. Our street normally bustling with life was barren. The foolish who braved the elements wore respirators. The Thomas Fire had now become the larger recorded fire in California history. Our parade was cancelled.
The community was suffering. This was meant to be the season of joy and thanks, a time when we as a community are at our best, kind and generous.
But our world was grey, like a battlefield.
A thought whirled around the universe and settled into the minds of a few board members of the Goleta Old Town Community Association. “The Real Santa would never let some silly little ash stop him from visiting the children in Old Town. He would find a way.”


A Readers Theater Play

In the scant six months after the Continentals declared independence, their cause seems lost before it began. A series of defeats, indecisive engagements, and desertions plagues the fledgling resistance. From September to December, the Revolution loses almost 90 percent of its militia and by December only about 2500 men remain.
As winter deepens, so does despair. General George Washington knows that without a win, the bid for FREEDOM is lost.

Tangled Web Tales: The Silent Scream

by PJ Mansur with Phebe Mansur

Once upon a time, when time was never and always, in the small, peaceful Kingdom of Handaric, one of the King's Court Spiders was murdered. That may not seem momentous to you, but to the people of Handaric, it was a disaster! Treachery was abroad in the Kingdom.


Who was Albert Rose?  8/11/1938 – 3/13/2014
According to society’s definition, Al Rose was 'homeless'. So how did this homeless man have a prominent Santa Barbara Council Member officiate at his memorial?
In 1992, a homeless man approached a new small business owner in Goleta with an offer to wash storefront windows. After receiving payment he stated, “You’ve given me too much money. I’ll come back tomorrow.” From that point on, this homeless man ceased being homeless. Albert Rose found his home at a local Goleta business.