Everyone asks. Why is Phebe interested in serving as a director of the Goleta Sanitary District? 

To Phebe, the Goleta Sanitary District is the result of the 'magic' of science.

It takes everything that goes down your drain and cleans it. The solids and liquids are separated and good bacteria cleans the bad bacteria. We end up with methane gas to power the station, bio-solids to use for plantings, and tertiary treated water for landscape irrigation and toilet flushing

But the sanitary district could do more.

The sanitary district is crucial to our future health in terms of water conservation. Take a look at Finding Solutions.

The district is an integral solution to solving our water issues. 

With your support, Phebe would like to be part of the team to make the 'magic' happen.

phebe's Qualifications 

Business Owner

With 25+ years of business ownership Phebe gained a lot of valuable experience that will help her contribute as a sanitary district director.

  • Accounting
  • Budgeting
  • Management
  • Production
  • Negotiating
  • Quality Control
  • Safety

Community Volunteer

Phebe served on several non-profit boards and held a variety of offices. These positions gave her teamwork skills to work productively with others.

  • Goleta Valley Beautiful, 2002-present
  • Community Film Studio Santa Barbara, 2013-present
  • Old Town Community Association, 2011-present
  • Dos Pueblos Little League, 11 years
  • Native Daughters of the Golden West, 6 years
  • Daughters of the American Revolution, 4 years

Phebe Mansur respectfully asks for your vote for Goleta Sanitary District.

Contributions to Phebe Mansur for Goleta Sanitary District are not tax-deductible as charitable contributions.
Phebe (center) with current Goleta Sanitary District Directors (L-R)  George Emerson , Steve Majoewsky, Jerry Smith, and  Jean Blois , Former Goleta Water District Director and current GWD Candidate!

Phebe (center) with current Goleta Sanitary District Directors (L-R) George Emerson, Steve Majoewsky, Jerry Smith, and Jean Blois, Former Goleta Water District Director and current GWD Candidate!

Check out this cool little video 'The Poop Cycle'. After watching, you can see how AWESOME the sanitary district is.

Phebe Mansur


Goleta Sanitary District 2016


Water is a concern for everyone in California, especially in the Goleta Valley. We are all wondering how long the water supply will last. With more and more people wanting to live here in our slice of paradise, we need long-term solutions.

Phebe believes the Goleta Sanitary District is a key element to the future health of our community. With your vote, if elected as a Goleta Sanitary District Director, she will strive to keep focused on moving the district forward with increased treatment. Her many years in business and serving on non-profit boards gives Phebe the experience needed to be a positive participant on the board. 

Phebe asks for your vote for Goleta Sanitary District Director. 

Advocate for Increased Treatment


Incoming waste water can be treated to drinking water standards. The majority of this valuable resource is currently discharged into the ocean.

That's up to 3 million gallons a day that could be treated for use. 

Currently, the district has a three-stage treatment. Customers contract to use tertiary treated water for landscape watering and toilet flushing. The water that isn't contracted is secondary treated and then discharged 1 mile into the ocean. 

This under-utilized local supply of water can be processed with advanced treatments which can then be used as either direct or indirect reuse.

Working hand-in-hand with the Goleta Water District and collaboratively with environmental organizations will ensure successful strategic planning for a positive outcome.

continue fiscally conservative operations


The district proudly boasts zero debt and has financial reserves for emergencies and employee benefits.

The district has a long history of sound financial planning and conservative management. 

As a business owner dealing with budgeting, accounting, and receivables, Phebe has the experience and understanding the need for careful budget forecasting - to keep the district on its successful path. She is ready to serve as a director. 


Maintain quality control and safety standards

images (1).jpg

The district exceeds the minimum quality and safety standards established by the State of California. The district strictly adheres to safety protocols.

What is really amazing to Phebe is that everyone she's met who works at a sanitary district, loves their job. They understand how critical it is for them to maintain high standards, because, whether we know it or not, our lives depend on them.





Campaigns are expensive. 

Phebe is very interested in receiving your help with non-monetary support. 

If you do feel motivated to contribute financially, Phebe would be very grateful. 

Please join Phebe's team today to protect our future!