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Rainwater harvesting

We live in an area of recurrent drought. An independent water supply can be used to supplement your main water and lessen the demand on this limited resource. Equally important, rainwater harvesting can reduce impacts on waste water systems, storm water runoff which often carries pollutants, and, because is virtually saline free, it helps in the availability of potable water.





Solar energy is an important alternative energy source that is generated by the radiant light and heat from the sun. The sun releases an intense amount of energy and only a fraction of this energy is being used.

It is conceivable that the population of the planet will use all the coal and oil reserves beneath the surface of the earth. But coal and oil create by-product which pollute the environment.

As romantic as solar sounds, it is not feasible for every households.

Reputable companies can review your energy bills and will tell you if it makes sense for you to invest in solar. Here are two companies to check.

Verdek Solar

Limelight Solar


off grid

To be completely independent and in control of your own life. This is not about saving money, it may be about independence or environmental concerns. Either way it is a major decision.