My Story

In 1998, someone suggested I run as a director for the sanitary district. I was two years into the opening of my second store and the circumstances of owning two stores was overwhelming. Nevertheless, I researched the sanitary district, and I was hooked.

But, way before that, my Dad taught me about the environment. We worked in the yard almost every weekend. Whenever we went for a walk or were in a parking lot, he would point and I'd run to pick up the trash. Sometimes when driving he would pull over to the side of the road! To this day when walking I feel the compulsion to stop and pick up trash. 

My Dad was also the king of recycle and reuse. When we brought home a box of rusty hangers from the dump...well that ended that. (Good thing for my Mom that they hadn't invented Craigslist Free Stuff.)

And I love being outside - - the beach, hiking the mountains, walking Lake Los Carneros, digging around in the yard, it's a release for my mind and good for my soul.

I like to create. Repurposing (thanks Dad), graphics, web site building, art and crafts (thanks Mom), writing, film, cooking, you name it, I enjoy the process of creation. 

You may still be trying to make the connection with My Story and the sanitary district.

The connect

The sanitary district magically takes in 'poop' and other wastes and turns them into valuable and usable commodities. Wow! The waste is recycled and reused.

It isn't really magic; it is all science. We have this valuable resource we can harness from the incoming waste water - - methane gas into power; bio-solids into planting materials; and waste water into irrigation water. 

If the sanitary plant can upgrade its treatment then the waste water could ultimately become drinking water. What do you think the astronauts drink???