The most appealing aspect of filmmaking to Phebe is its collaborative nature. Many individuals coming together, each bringing their own unique talents and insights.

She has been involved on micro-budget productions for almost 30 years in many crew positions, make up, lighting, set design, craft services, assistant director, and more.

As president of the only not-for-profit feature film studio in the United States, Community Film Studio Santa Barbara Inc., she produced the Studio's newest feature film Salsipuedes Street watch trailer and documentary Life on the Homefront watch trailer. The leap to producer is a big one that she embraced. Principle filming completed in 2017 with a projected release date in 2018. Learn more: Community Film Studio Santa Barbara and

In production: Life on the Homefront. A documentary exploring the effects of the shelling of our Ellwood coast in 1942 and the subsequent internment.

In development, Outbreak: The Goleta Strain - It's a bad day to be in the Goodland. A local writer has been commissioned to write the screenplay.