I grew up in Olinda Village. It was great.

Now I live in Goleta. Goleta and the people in Goleta are great too.

I know some really amazing people. 

My mom told me I could do anything.

My brother tried to teach me to surf. That's when I learned my mom was wrong sometimes. 

My dad taught me to respect the environment, work hard, and participate in the community

I have been to the election polls for every election since I was 3. I've voted in every election since 18. 

Since the age of 6, I've always looked for ways to make money. In elementary school, I loaned money and charged interest. 

I owned The Mail Box for 21 years. It's still an excellent store even though I'm not the owner anymore.

I started CopyRight Printing in 1996. It's a cool shop. We do a lot of things besides copying and printing. We even sell used books at our Tangible Book Store.

I'm still looking for ways to work to make money. So I started CampaignSB.

Creating things is cool. Painting, crafting, writing, designing....

I love my family, cats, and my dad's 1970 VW Bug that I still drive.

Oh, and I dig my 1978 Buick Station Wagon. What a sweet ride. 

I go to church every Sunday with my mother. She's my best friend.

I am proud of my ancestors. They came on the Mayflower. There's also the ones who fought in the Revolutionary War. 

Did I say I love cats?

If you are into resumes, this is mine.